Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Maximize your chances of getting in front of your ideal customer with a solid SEO strategy.

In today’s increasingly web-based, hyper competitive business environment, it’s never been more important to have a solid search marketing strategy in place.

ArtisanBits can help you rise above the noise that your competitors are making online, and take your brand’s level of engagement with your audience to the next level.

It should be easy for your customers to find your brand.

It should be easy for your customers to clearly see the value your brand has to offer and what sets you apart from your competitors.

Let us help make it easy for you.

Our team of dedicated SEO specialists are ready to help you take your search engine strategy to the next level!


Our SEO Services:

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

If your web pages are not optimized, you greatly hurt your chances of ranking well for the terms that matter to your business. We will do extensive keyword research about your pages, including competitive analysis, keyword intent, and more.

Then we’ll naturally optimize the right elements of your pages for both users and search engines, including title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, h1’s, content, images, and internal links.

We will provide a full report of everything done, and will even make the changes for you on your site!


  • Full on-page SEO optimization of up to four pages!
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Natural optimization for both users and search engines
  • Check and rewrite title tags
  • Check URL optimization
  • Analyze and tweak meta descriptions (or add them if they are missing)
  • Check h1 for proper keyword usage and fix any issues
  • Check h2’s and h3’s as well (up to three headings per page)
  • Check content for keyword and related keyword density and optimize
  • Optimize image name and alt tags
  • If appropriate, analyze and fix geographic targeting
  • You’ll have a dedicated account manager
  • Full report of all work done
  • We’ll even make the changes for you if you want! (WordPress sites only)


Off-Site Search Engine Optimization

Once you have your on-page SEO done correctly, you need to build the authority of your site. Our off-site SEO gig does that through techniques proven to work again and again. We do this through a combination of building natural viral link structures and high-quality, niche-relevant, white-hat guest posts.

We’ll take your main keywords and pages and emulate the process of content “going viral,” which has been tested by SEOs and works across all industries. After that, we will either replicate the process (without leaving a footprint) or start sourcing guest posts (all on DA 20+ sites) to further enhance the rankings. We’ll continue working these two approaches until you maximize your ranks.

Then, we’ll start working on more keywords for you!

If you don’t have a reporting system, we’ll set you up with reports to track the progress of your keyword rankings.


  • Dedicated SEO manager
  • Backlink profile and analysis
  • Quality contextual link building
  • Links are in great content with relevant co-citations
  • Natural viral link structure replicates normal web patterns
  • If you’re over-optimized relative to competitors we’ll dilute with naturalized anchors
  • Slow-drip (3 weeks) of signals to boost authority
  • The second month we’ll land a relevant, contextual guest post on a 20+ domain authority site in your niche
  • We repeat the process until you rank, then we’ll start on another keyword set for you!
  • Daily keyword rank tracking so you can monitor progress
  • Report of all work done
  • In a tough niche? Buy two gigs to double it! Will hugely increase the link structure and get DA 30+ guest posts. Ask for details.